Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorneys

The damage is done; start looking for the best auto accident attorneys to represent you in court.

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Many accidents occur because one of the driver's negligent action and road or weather conditions, if no other vehicles are involved.
If you, your passengers and your vehicle suffer harm or damage due to someone else's negligence, compensation may be given to you providing that the negligence be proven in court. Some individuals and insurance companies will even settle out of court if the liable driver's actions are obvious and they wish to compensate the other party without court intervention. Auto accident attorneys provide information about the law and different options that may apply to your particular case.
Some forms of compensation include vehicle or property repairs, medical expenses, lost wages, physical and psychological suffering, and loss of future income.

Documentation to bring with you:

  • accident report
  • traffic ticket, if you received one
  • any arrest documents
  • vehicle insurance information
  • driver's license
  • medical bills
  • transportation expenses
  • medical records and physician's diagnosis
  • prognosis if long-term care may be an issue

Insurance companies usually handle vehicle accident claims, when it involves property damage only. However, accidents involving serious injuries, such as severe trauma or death, often require representation from a personal injury attorney. An injury lawyer will know your rights and file claims other than the initial settlement.

Some insurance companies prefer to delay settlement of a claim because every state has a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim, so do not let your claim drag out too long.

When an insurance company denies a claim, such as when the insurance company of the other party involved in the accident will claim their insured was not at fault or that the policy did not cover the accident.

In addition, you should consider auto accident attorneys when a government entity denies a claim and allows filing of a personal injury lawsuit, in court.