Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney

A good family law attorney is not only experienced but is also compassionate and will have the skills to handle any family law issues that may occur. Family law covers matters such as adoption, child abuse/neglect, parental rights, paternity, and juvenile cases.

During these often emotional and high-stress times, you may need to discuss your concerns with a trusted attorney. We also realize that domestic and family problems can be a challenge for you financially. For this reason, we offer a free initial consultation to determine what your options are legally and how your financial situation will be affected.

Court is not always the only option you have, in many cases, mediation can achieve the results you desire and make the issue you are dealing with less stressful. Mediation does require a lawyer who has expertise in the matters of family law and one, who knows people, can be objective, and will still look out for your best interest.

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Whether you live near one of our offices or a surrounding area, contact Wilson & Haynes Law Firm, when you need a family law attorney.