Workers Comp Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney

A workers compensation attorney can be a valuable asset when you file a claim or an appeal to receive benefits or compensation, for injuries suffered on the job. Perhaps you are concerned about making waves with your employer or you do not want to risk your job security, however, you know you have rights in the state of Tennessee.

At Wilson & Haynes, we are equipped to defend your rights in Worker's Compensation the full extent of the law. We call them "accidents", but most of the time they are due to someone else's wrongful action-or inaction. Injuries at work often cause employees to take time off and heal. Worker's compensation insurance was created and is paid by employers to offer their employees a means of support and the ability to pay for medical treatment. However, when a worker suffers a serious or permanent injury, an experienced workers compensation attorney can advise you to ensure proper compensation is provided.

Although employees pay for worker's compensation insurance as required by the state law, the insurance companies who usually process the claims.

If you have been hurt on the job, there is an administrative process to follow in filing your claim. It is important that you follow the times to file notice of claim and the time requirements to seek medical care. Our attorneys can insure that you take the appropriate steps towards medical and financial stability.

Claims Adjusters

Employers are often confronted by insurance claims adjusters who:

  • Deny legitimate claims
  • Undervalue lost wages
  • Discourage seeking a second medical opinion
  • Pressure injured workers to return to the job too soon
  • Refuse substantial claims for permanent injuries, scarring, and emotional damage
  • Refuse to accept responsibility for work conditions resulting in multiple injuries

A qualified, workers compensation attorney can offer you legal advice and set forth a plan of action to deal with all aspects of your injury and its consequences, helping to restore the peace of mind your injury has stolen from you and your family.
You, and the legal benefits you are entitled to, matter to us. At Wilson & Haynes, it is personal, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make things right for you!